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homegroupsCommunity: Getting Connected

We are living in society where isolation and loneliness is becoming more prevalent in our country and reportedly the words “lonely/loneliness “ were among the most searched words on Google last year in our nation.

Both the principle and practice of community are very important to us here at MCF. We believe that God created us for community. He takes the lonely and places them in families. Psalm 68:6

The New Testament church was very much committed to community. People were drawn into it by the expression of the love of Jesus among them as He ministered to people through them. Acts 2:42-47.

Here at MCF we seek to involve people in community, the sharing of life and resources outside our Sunday service.

Currently we have 4 groups meeting. These groups meet twice a month, the time, day and venue for these groups are flexible.

For further information about getting involved in a small group, contact us by clicking here