harveyGrace Ministries Thailand – Charles and Yoke Fong Harvey

Charles and Yoke Fong were members of Mullingar Christian Fellowship for several years before embarking on this great ministry to children and young people. We as a community are committed to supporting them in various ways including financially and along with other churches have contributed towards the building of the homes for boys and girls. You can find more information about their work  at www.gmfthailand.org

Fineke Janssen – Bolivia

A Dutch missionary, Fineke Janssen, has been living and working in La Paz, Bolivia for 12 years.

She started her work with a shelter for drug-addicted men, trying to rehabilitate them. She then started a separate shelter for the boys: “Mission Adulam”. Recently Mission Adulam opened a second shelter, this time for drug-addicted girls, some of whom have children, who are welcome as well. To get the girls back on their feet the shelter offers not only a haven and place of healing but also a basic skills training.

Teaching them to look after themselves and their children is the first goal, but the skills might also help them to find jobs. In Bolivia there are many thousands street children. Fineke Jansen writes about her boys: “It is not always easy to reach them through the many wounds they have got in life but is great to see that so me of them go back to their families and some of them are able to build an independent life for themselves.”

“Even if you save only one, it is worth it, but our success percentages are certainly not below the national rehabilitation figures.” (excerpt from moments-of-joy.org)

Teen Challenge

Restoring hope to those caught in addiction in our land.