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Information and steps required for you to become a helper for Youth and Kidz Church.

Stages to Recruitment

There are 5 stages within MCF’s recruitment process which you’ll see below. The goal is to move through the stages one at a time. By clicking on the text in BOLD below, you’ll reveal more information within each stage. When you’ve completed the stage, if you could confirm the status of your application. That way we’ll be able to move through the process as efficiently as possible. If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pastor Simon or Fiona Jocher church administrator. Thank you for investment in Youth and Kidz Church.

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Stage 1a: Expression of Interest

If you’ve expressed an interest in becoming a Youth or Kidz Church Leader/Helper and received a letter of interest, then it is essential that you review the following two documents in Stage 1. When you’ve completed that, click the “confirm status” button and submit the relevant details.


Job Description

In order to view the Job Description click the button below.

Child Protection

You’ll need to read over the Child protection policy by clicking the button below.

Stage 1 Status:

When completed, click the link below and submit the relevant details. This will enable us to keep your application moving forward.  

Stage 2: Application Process

 1. You need to complete and submit an MCF Youth & Kidz Church Volunteer Leader/Helper Application Form.

2. This can be returned to MCF Church Pastor/Elder or Ministry Team Leader as a hardcopy in-person or via email – see details on your letter of invitation. If applicable the Parental consent forms for helpers under 18 to the designated MCF Church Pastor/Elder or Ministry Team Leader must also be provided.

Consent Forms U18 (if applicable)

1.The completion of a Communication by “Text” Consent form for Workers Age 16 and 17

2. The completion of a mandatory of Parental Consent Form for workers age 16 and 17. If the applicant is under 18.

Stage 3: Vetting Process

1. The completion of a mandatory Garda Vetting Form is required.

2. Parental Consent For Garda Vetting Form if the applicant is under 18.

3. If you download and print the document, and when completed together with formal photographic ID in compliance with 100 point check list, return via email or post to Chris McCarthy our designated MCF Garda Vetting officer. To make contact with Chris, you’ll find his details on the letter of invitation. 

Stage 4: Tusla Training

1. The completion of a mandatory Tusla online training course. This training takes 1 hour approximately with a short test at the end after which a certificate is issued.

2. Click to sign-up, and then follow the on screen instructions.

Stage 5: Informal Interview

1. When you’ve completed the 4 Stages above please click “request”, enter your details and we’ll arrange an informal interview with the designated MCF Pastor/Elder and Kidz Church Ministry Team Leader.

Thank you, Youth and Kidz Church team!

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