Return to church protocol


Mask up | Sanitise Hands | Stay Social at a Distance

We ask that, for your own sake, any of you in the categories deemed by National Public Health Emergency team (NEPHET) to be at particularly high risk from Covid 19 do not attend. 

You must register for Sunday Service each week via Eventbrite, details are in the Mid-week email. If you don’t receive the email or technology is an issue, contact Fiona, either via text @ 087 833 4203 or email and she’ll be only too happy to help.

In accordance with NEPHET guidelines, no more than 50 people may be physically present at each location for the Sunday Service.  Therefore each week, we’ll have 35 tickets available for MCF Ground Floor and 20 tickets available for the Hub, with room for more in the Hub if needed. 

On arrival at the facility you will be met by our Fáilte Ministry Team lead by Alison.  Please help them to help everyone by following their advice.

As face-masks are now mandatory in enclosed public spaces, we request that all attending wear one while inside the facility.  If you have one of your own please bring it along, but we shall have some on hand for those who require one.

Hand sanitising stations have been installed and we request that you use them as you enter the facility, after using the bathrooms and as you leave. 

New signs and markings have been placed at various points inside the facility and it would be appreciated if you could take note and act accordingly.

If for whatever reason you do not feel comfortable coming to the Sunday service starting Sunday 16th May, and beyond, that is okay!  Everyone has a different comfort level, so please do whatever you feel is best for you.  

Our desire is that every one of you our MCF family will be able to participate, regardless of whether you are or are not physically present in the facility, we shall therefore, live stream each service on our MCF YouTube Channel.

Should you not be in a position to come along, but would like some fellowship, please contact either Pastor Simon or our Care Ministry Team Leader, Don Bakker, @ 087 233 0143.

If you need prayer simply send your request to our new confidential Prayer Text @ 087 430 3983 .

In these days as never before we thank God we know Him, the power of His resurrection and that “we have not been given a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us as we shall be delighted to assist you.

Pastor Simon and the Elders Dayo and Don